Islamorada Fishing Reports

Your Islamorada Fishing Experience:

Here at Hooked Up Outback Guide Services, we provide you with the most recent fishing reports and updates in Islamorada, Florida. We are your go-to source for up-to-date fishing information. Our Islamorada fishing reports provide insights into the species of fish currently biting, along with the optimal times, locations, and techniques to improve your next fishing trip. With our help, you can plan your tarpon fishing trips with precision and confidence.

We have been asked these questions a lot. Is fishing good in Islamorada? What fish are biting in Islamorada? What is the best time to fish in Islamorada? To start things off, Islamorada is a go-to for some of the best tarpon fishing in Florida. As the region is accessible to multiple water bodies and home to a large number of coral reefs, a large variety of fish is sure to be found. Secondly, Islamorada is home to many fish species. These usually are great barracuda, black grouper, permit, redfish, blacktip shark, bull shark, cubera snapper, mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, snook, Spanish mackerel, and tarpon. Lastly, the best time to fish in Islamorada is for the most sought-after species is April through September. Although if what you are seeking are amberjack and king mackerel, you will have better chances during November through March.

Captain Steve Carnahan is a master angler who will elevate your fishing experience in Islamorada. Your enjoyment and satisfaction are our top priority and we will ensure you will have a wonderful and delightful Islamorada fishing trip with us. Whether it be inshore fishing, backcountry fishing, or even tarpon fishing, we will help you plan a successful fishing trip with the best insights and tips backed by decades of experience!

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